Who We Are

We are library workers, educators, lawyers, activists, technologists, and researchers who believe in the imperative for libraries to lend, preserve, and acquire knowledge in the service of the public good.


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Jennie Rose Halperin

Executive Director
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Michelle Reed

Research Manager
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Laura Crossett



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Research Fellow
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Former Community Fellow
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Policy Fellow
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Engelberg Fellow/Policy Fellow/Chair and Founder
Community Fellow
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Legal Fellow

Engelberg Center Staff

Michael Weinberg

Executive Director

Jason Schultz

Professor of Clinical Law

Katrina Southerland

Program Manager

Student Fellows

Founding Board Members

Coalition Partners

Become an Organizational Supporter

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If you represent a nonprofit organization, library, consortium, community group, bookstore, or another organization that wants to lend their support, please email info@libraryfutures.net.
If you are with the press, you can email info@libraryfutures.net