Make a tax-deductible donation to Library Futures:

We're a small organization with an enormous reach! In just two years, we've:
  • Drafted model state-level ebook legislation that would ensure an equitable digital future for library ebooks and other digital content.
  • Filed four amici brief on behalf of five other organizations at the Supreme Court in both the US and Canada
  • Presented over fifteen webinars covering everything from the legal history of libraries to how libraries can implement controlled digital lending
  • Improved access to local news in Albany, NY
  • Distributed over 100 iFixit kits to public libraries over the US

You can make a donation at the link below by specifying "Engelberg Center-Library Futures" in the "Designation" field. Check out the helpful GIF below 👇🏾

gif showing donation workflow, how to type in Engelberg Center – Library Futures