July 10, 2024

Meet the 2024 Library Futures Interns!

Library Futures has a new cohort of summer interns! They’re all current students or recent graduates invested in protecting access and are excited to be part of the Library Futures team. Let’s get to know them a bit, shall we?

(she/her) is a Master of Library and Information Studies student in her final semester at the University of Alberta. She aspires to make a meaningful impact on the Library and Information Science field as an academic librarian, with a focus on critical librarianship as scholarship and embodied practice. Arianna says she’s happiest when taking long walks in bustling metropolitan cities, ruminating by a body of water (sea preferred), or finding a new coffee shop. Her personal motto? “Be curious, be kind.”

(she/her) is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. She’s passionate about advocating for accessibility and aspires to build a career in intellectual property, technology, and innovation. Her happy place? Spin classes, “which are great stress relievers.”

(she/they) recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in environmental geography and history. Their research focused on climate (in)justice, specifically corporate influence on environmental monitoring and policy. According to Tova, they're happiest biking through the city on their way to see live music. Their personal saying? “It’s not that deep (except when it is).”

(she/they) is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto, where they are studying media theory, LGBTQ+ history, and digital humanities. Their research interests lie in exploring archival silences produced by cisheteronormativity and systems of power. Mia’s happy place is “in a cafe with a notebook and a sweet treat,” which ties in with their personal philosophy, “slow down and feel deeply.”

(she/they) is a Master of Library and Information Science student at San Jose State University, focusing primarily on academic librarianship, digital services, and archives. They are passionate about protecting information access as well as promoting accessibility in all forms. Mary says they are happiest strolling through an antique mall or in any kind of water. Their personal motto? “KISS (keep it simple, stupid).” Mary clarifies, “I can overthink things, so I tell myself this daily (with love).”

Rebecca (she/her) recently graduated from the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins Music School with a Master’s of Music in Voice. As an artist and scholar, her interests include literature, language, and opera. Rebecca says she’s happiest playing tabletop board and card games. Her personal philosophy? “Always more nuance!”

(he/him) is a student at Hunter College, where he studies anthropology. He is excited to help spread awareness of the library’s potential to facilitate open-access learning and community-building in the digital age. He’s happiest running in Central Park or relaxing with a good book. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” is Braden’s motto.

(she/her) is a second-year PhD student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program at Michigan State University. Her research interests include learning and identity and digital literacies within the contexts of social media, gaming, informal learning, and online learning communities. According to Jenn, she’s happiest going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

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