April 20, 2023

Introducing Learning Circles

Learning Circles are informal groups of people who meet regularly to learn from one another and share resources in a self-directed manner. They are an effective and practical method of achieving social change and can be used to empower communities to make choices and take action.

Inspired by the work of organizations like P2PU, we are excited to introduce our new Library Futures Circles. These circles will help our community gain expertise in topics ranging from Controlled Digital Lending to Introducing Ebook Legislation in Your State to Negotiation Tactics to Fighting Book and Database Challenges. Drawing on our broad expertise, Learning Circles will support peer-to-peer learning and study in community.

Our first circle is  “Ask A Lawyer!” and will feature Public Knowledge Senior Policy Council Meredith Rose on May 11 at 3:30PM ET. While Meredith can't provide legal advice, she will help you understand the ins and outs of the library legal landscape. Join us for a fun and informative hour and a great way to gain some expertise in library law.

Want to lead a Library Futures Learning Circle yourself? Sign up here. Topics we’re looking to cover include:

  • Library Advocacy 101
  • Open Educational Resources for Public Libraries
  • Library Board Education 101
  • Open Access
  • Vendor Accountability
  • How to Read a Contract
  • Digital Lending and Ownership
  • Library Publishing
  • Controlled Digital Lending
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Copyright 101
  • Decentralized Technology
  • + whatever else you’re interested in!

Thank you for being part of the Library Futures community. See you on the Internet!

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