Webinars and Videos

From Controlled Digital Lending to library ownership and from the history of libraries and privacy to what constitutes a library under the law, Library Futures hosts webinars, book talks, and panels to help educate and energize the movement around equitable digital access. And, of course, we share them!

What is Controlled Digital Lending?

The End of Library Ownership?

Mythbusting Controlled Digital Lending

Controlled Digital Lending for Libraries and Consortia

Why Trust a Corporation to do a Library's Job?

Burying Information -- Big Tech & Access to Information

Why CDL Now? Digital Libraries Past, Present, and Future

Implementation and Integration: CDL for All Libraries

The New Enlightenment: Discussion with Peter B. Kaufman & Catherine Stihler

Library Leaders Forum: Digital Ownership and the Future of Library Collections

The Corruption of Copyright

From Owning to Streaming: The Transition to Digital Media in Education

Library Privacy: Past, Present, Future

The Promise of Access

What is a Library Under the Law? (And Why Does it Matter?)