March 31, 2021

Big Tech and Access to Information Webinar Panel

Watch our event with Public Knowledge and Georgetown Initiative on Tech and Society, which brought together an illustrious panel of experts to discuss the threats facing libraries and the public in the digital age. The panel, held on March 24, featured Hillary Brill, Brewster Kahle, Michelle Wu, Heather Joseph, Chris Lewis, and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), moderated by Amanda Levendowski.

"Libraries provide vital public services by making high quality resources available to everybody. And that's true no matter what you've got in your bank account or your zip code,” said Wyden. “If the system is filled with draconian copyright laws and digital restrictions that make it hard for real news to be read, shared, and discussed, that particular vacuum is filled with more misinformation and lies.”

The librarians, activists, lawyers, policy makers, academics, and technologists thoughtfully discussed the need for more equitable technology, advocacy, and legislative remedies to support libraries and access to quality information. The speakers particularly focused on the practice of Controlled Digital Lending, conceived of by Wu and championed by libraries around the world.

See the entire panel below and join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #BuryingInformation

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