Library Futures is Turning One!

Help us celebrate (and learn a little more about our work) by taking our Ten Things Challenge during the month of January! Everyone who completes all ten will be entered into a drawing for some fabulous Library Futures Swag. Here's a form you can use to keep track of your progress and submit when you're done!

Watch "What is Controlled Digital Lending?"

Get the lowdown on a totally reasonable and legal ebook lending model that has the publishing industry in a tizzy.

Try out Controlled Digital Lending for Yourself!

Check out a book from the Internet Archive's Books to Borrow Collection!

Image of an open book with an arrow in a circle around it
Protip: Look for an out-of-print book you love!

Share one of our Social Media Shareables on Your Favorite Platform!

And why not be our friend on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?

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Take the "What Costs More?" quiz from UVA!

Photo of a large yacht at sea
Think a vacation on this yacht is expensive? You might be surprised!

Free Space!

The Library Futures logo with "We believe in the power of libraries" underneath

Read (and maybe sign!) our International Statement of Solidarity

Logo reading "Library Futures" with an arrow pointing forward

Play Open Axis! The Open Access Video Game

Abstract graphic and the words "OPEN AXIS the game" and "Choose your own adventure"
Learn a little more about Open Access via video game! Open Axis come from the folks at UCLA Libraries.

Check out
Who Can Get Your Book?

Our friends at Fight for the Future have this little video, some great information about how accessible books are, and (if you're an author) a quiz you can take to find out who can get your book!

Learn a Little Bit About the
Right to Repair

Photo of an optical drive with "REPAIR IS NOT PIRACY" superimposed on top

Our friends at IFixit have been working with us to empower public libraries to fix their own tech!

Watch the World's Cutest Ebook Video

Our friends at #ebooksos have a ton of great content, and they're doing important work on the academic ebook market.

Enjoy perusing some of the things ascending into the public domain this year!

An illustration of Winnie the Pooh talking to Piglet, with other characters in the background
Everyone needs a little Pooh, and now everyone can have some!

All Done?
Fill out the Entry Form!

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And thank you for your support of Library Futures!