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We are a grassroots nonprofit organization representing a growing coalition of stakeholders, united behind our mission to empower libraries to engage with and stand up for their digital rights.
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We connect librarians and technologists to usher in a more distributed and open future while supporting technology in the interest of the public good.

Education and Advocacy
  • We run social media, petitions, online advocacy campaigns and other educational programs to support principles and policy related to our key issues.
  • We train library workers and develop leaders who advocate for increased digital access in their libraries through a curriculum that builds on core values and competencies.
  • We support sister communities and our 501c4 to build our base, hold and attend conferences, and grow networks to support universal access to information.
  • We are building a broad coalition of organizations including libraries, nonprofits, library consortia, authors, and publishers working for access.
  • We foster conversations, hold gatherings, and create space for serious and informed discussion to stand up for the right to equitable access to knowledge together.
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