Our Programs

We're rooted in community, bringing together stakeholders to work on issues that matter.
Catalyst fund

We're supporting big ideas within and beyond libraries through small grants to advance access to knowledge and highlight new uses for digital collections.

Education and Advocacy
  • We run social media, petitions, online advocacy campaigns and other educational programs to support principles and policy related to our key issues.
  • We train library workers and develop leaders who advocate for increased digital access in their libraries through a curriculum that builds on core values and competencies.
  • We support sister communities and our 501c4 to build our base, hold and attend conferences, and grow networks to support universal access to information.
  • We are building a broad coalition of organizations including libraries, nonprofits, library consortia, authors, and publishers working for access.
  • We will foster conversations, hold gatherings, and create space for serious and informed discussion about digital access to knowledge.

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